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302: lj_dev

In the interests of consolidating all FotoBilder development-related discussion, we're going to be closing down this community. The same conversations we've been having here can instead be posted to lj_dev.

lj_dev will be the place for everything related to LiveJournal/FotoBilder development topics. This includes both the code itself, client development, as well as installing the code. So, feel free to join the community and participate. :)

Complete client, or only uploads?

All of the available ScrapBook clients seem to exist solely to upload pictures to the ScrapBook. Are there any clients to allow manipulation of the existing images (delete, annotate, modify security)? Or does that all have to be done from the website?
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Helo and help

HI i am new *waves*

I am looking for a linux client for fotobuilder does anyone know of one??

I have found 2 but there is no download for them??

I am running Kubuntu 6.10

thank you in advance

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Backing up scrapbook?

Due to my uploading things willy-nilly, I don't actually have an equivalent of my Lj-scrapbook directories on my hard drive here at home... are there any tools out there that will back up my scrapbook? Heck, even a hack that'd let me do it via FTP would work for me... ideas, anyone?

Symbian 9 client

Does any Symbian client for LJ scrapbook exist? I have Nokia E60, so Nokia Lifeblog doesn't work for me. Using phone's web browser is hard. Client for Windows Mobile is ease to make using KodeFoto, and for Symbian it can be ported from some Python client, so may be somebody made it already?
Thanks, and sorry for my English.