Pavel Kostromitinov (cavaler) wrote in fb_clients,
Pavel Kostromitinov

FotoBilder client for Far file manager

Just a year and a half passed, and I updated my FotoBilder client for Far file Manager.

Feel free to try.

Version 1.30 (03.07.2007)
+ Never reloads data from server unless explicitly asked (Ctrl+R)
+ Can edit file name/description - but only via download/reupload
* Saving last used panel mode
* Security in 'Owner' field
* Correct error message if net request failed
* Reuploading same file silently works
* Trying to upload different file with same name produces a warning

Version 1.20 (09.01.2006)
- Panel updated after upload
+ Download pictures / galleries
* "Don't ask" for multiple file upload
* Small usability improvements

Version 1.10 (01.01.2006)
- Uploading pictures fixed
+ Setting Title/Description/Security while uploading pictures

Version 1.00 (28.12.2005)
First public version - only most basic functionality:
+ Browse and create (F7) galleries
+ View (F3) gallery and picture properties, with links to View/Manage pages
+ Upload photos (no special properties)
+ Galleries etc. are cached, refresh with Ctrl+R
- English interface only
- No picture downloading

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