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New gallery date

My client is creating a new gallery as it uploads an image. The relevant HTTP headers look like this:
X-FB-UploadPic.Gallery._size: 1
X-FB-UploadPic.Gallery.0.GalName: Example
X-FB-UploadPic.Gallery.0.ParentID: 61
X-FB-UploadPic.Gallery.0.GalSec: 141
X-FB-UploadPic.Gallery.0.GalDate: 2006-05-06

The gallery is created successfully, but the gallery date isn't set: when I got to manage/gal?id=xx the date field is empty.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
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Protocol problem

I've been moving over to the newer protocol because of the issue I'm still having with the older one (and because it's about time). It all seems OK except that I'm having an issue loading a picture to a new gallery. In the old protocol I could specify a gallery name and a parent ID to do this, and the documentation for the new protocol suggests that this should still work. So, I send a request like this:
PUT /interface/simple HTTP/1.0
Host: pics.livejournal.com
Connection: close
User-Agent: Jix/0.2b1 FBProtocol2Impl/0.2b1
X-FB-User: banana
X-FB-Mode: UploadPic
X-FB-Auth: crp:[etc]
X-FB-UploadPic.MD5: [whatever]
X-FB-UploadPic.PicSec: 255
X-FB-UploadPic.Meta.Filename: DCP_0002.JPG
X-FB-UploadPic.Gallery._size: 4
X-FB-UploadPic.Gallery.0.GalName: Artichoke
X-FB-UploadPic.Gallery.0.ParentID: 8
X-FB-UploadPic.Gallery.0.GalSec: 255
X-FB-UploadPic.Gallery.0.GalDate: 2003-09-21
Content-Length: [whatever]
[image data]
What I'm expecting is that the picture will go in a new gallery called "Artichoke" whose parent is gallery 8. What actually happens is that I get error code 212 and the message Missing required argument: Must specify either GalName or GalID when adding to gallery.

But I am specifying a GalName, and the gallery has been created, but the picture upload hasn't worked.
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Fotobuilder bug?

While doing some things with the fotobuilder Simple interface, I occasionally get the following error (usually as a response to an UploadPic)
Error creating gpic: MogileFS::Backend: socket never became readable at /home/lj/fb/lib/MogileFS.pm line 1466

Anyone else getting this one? From the pattern of when I see it, I'm thinking its possibly a temporary resource starvation problem on the server side, as trying again with the same image shortly afterwards generally works fine.
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Windows XP Publishing Wizard

Attempting to use the Windows XP Publishing Wizard I see that there's no way to specify the security for the pics I'm uploading with this client so the pics get published as Public. Is there an easy way to change the security for all the pics in a specific gallery? Only method I see is to change them one by one via the "Text & Security" link.
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Issues with UploadPic

Hi. With the recent increase of photo storage for paid accounts, I've been trying my hand at building a FotoBuilder client in Python. Only, I'm getting back the following response to an UploadPic attempt:

<FBResponse><Error code="210">Unknown argument:  ╪ α</Error></FBResponse>

I'm doing a POST request, using urllib2 with Python 2.4 on a win32 box. My headers (in addition to the basic X-FB-Auth/User, which are fine because I can do GetPics/GetGals ok) are as follows:

X-FB-UploadPic.Meta.Filename: ful metal jacket.jpg
X-FB-UploadPic.Gallery.0.GalName: collection
X-FB-UploadPic.ImageLength: 43686
X-FB-UploadPic.Gallery._size: 1
X-FB-UploadPic.MD5: 7ec028897f591266bab55ac5baa452e7

The gallery exists, and is publically accesable. I'm not doing any funny stuff with permissions. Ideas anyone?